Kızılcahamam is 80 km from Ankara. distance, on the Ankara-Istanbul highway, with 26.700 inhabitants, pine forests, healing waters, thyme and pine honey, modern tourist facilities have long been known as the capital and water reservoir of the capital. Transportation is provided by buses departing from terminals in Ankara and Kızılcahamam every 15 minutes.

Our district has been an attraction center for the settlement since ancient times with its unique natural beauty, abundant water resources and the Kargasekmez and Azaphane passages connecting north and south.

Our district is Başköy Castle, Court Ağacin and Alicin canyon church caves, Akdoğan Village excavations, Saray village Roman ruin, the old church in Seyhamamı, the history of the district dates back to ancient times and gives an idea of the fact that it was an important settlement in those periods.

Our county, with its rare and interesting structure, is suitable for all kinds of tourism. with the aim of gaining a solid spirit structure by resting, sporting and hunting, having a good time in a quiet and clean environment; Soguksu National Park, Guvem Karagol and the Lightning, Light, Karakiriş, Hıdır Mountains and above them Yemişen, Hıdırlar, Miyala, Salın, Eldelek, Başköy and Yıldırım plateau on the Yıldırım Mountains dark forest area called Zindan places of interest in terms of natural beauty It provides excellent opportunities in terms of country tourism.

Recently popular mountain tourism, ideal places for nature tours, summer-winter tours have become the first option.
In addition, Kurtboğazı, Bayındır, Eyrekkaya and Akyer Dams and Üçbaş, Kurumcu, Karacaören, Kırköy, Pazar and Çeştepe ponds add a different color and beauty to the natural environment.

The thermal feature of our district has been used since the time of the Romans with the spas that have been in use since the time and by the developments. There are two important thermal centers, one in the district center and the other in Seyhamamı.

Since our town has been known as a spa center since then, especially in the summer months, the guests come under the influence of this. Private hostels, municipal thermal pensions and 8 multi-star and 4000-bed tourist facilities meet the need for accommodation.


Eliz Hotel Convention Center Thermal Spa&Wellness ;

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